Why should one be living too short
and dying too long?!

A Long and Healthy Life - Priceless!

Why should one be living too short and dying too long?!

Health Tips

Main articles. The understanding of these and the acceptance of 'preventive medicine' (or nutritional medicine) in our lives will set the course of our lifestyle, eating habit and belief system. More importantly, they will also provide the basis for consuming nutritional supplements, which is regarded by some people as unnecessary for their own reasoning (not scientifically).

Nutritional medicine (Dr. Ray D. Strand, M.D.

Oxidative stress (Dr. Ray D. Strand, M.D.)

Cellular nutrition (Dr. Ray D. Strand, M.D.)

Insulin resistance

What is pH and Why is it important?

Too much acid in your body kills you


Supplementary articles. Whether these are useful or worth trying, you decide!

Purine, Gout & Tips

Ill-effects of smoking

Five reasons to have sex each day

Retirement Vs. Lifespan - Food for Thought

The Basic 90+ Nutrients Your Body Needs

New facts about fats

Depression and its many causes

Find out whether you are depressed

Some help tips to fight depression

Gratitude is good for body, mind and soul

How to be positive

How to love housework

Quickest way to stop Diarrhoea

Removing gall stones with Epsom salt

Chemicals linked to rising health problems

Acupressure - quick relief from many ailments

Alarming medical error statistics

Buying fresh fish - what to look for

Eat like a Greek - Flavour plus good health

Prevent food poisoning

Food storage - for how long and how to

Sugar - A slow, addictive poison

Health dangers of caffeinated health drinks

The poisonous cocktail of multiple drugs

Guyabano, Cancer killer

Calcium supplements may raise risk of heart attack

Bad Sleeping doubles heart risk

Healthy eating habits

About Diabetes

About Free radicals

About Gout

About Hypertension

About Kidney failure

About Obesity

About Heartburn

What is a Coronary artery disease?

What is a Heart attack?

What is a Heart failure?

What is a Stroke?

What is Angina?

What is Atherosclerosis?


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