Why should one be living too short
and dying too long?!

A Long and Healthy Life - Priceless!

Why should one be living too short and dying too long?!

Endeavouring to keep oneself healthy along the path of his life and consciously wanting to live a long and healthy life (right up to 90???!, or more, for instance) is surely one of the most sensible and ultimate undertakings in a person's life! It will be a priceless goal! Other glorious achievements would pale in comparison.
Such would be manifested in three simple things, and it cannot be more complicated than that: his lifestyle, eating habits and belief system! These variables can change following one's choice... and so does one's health as a result.
It pays to be open-minded to the possibilities of preventive medicine... Ray D. Strand, M.D., defines true preventive medicine as a three-fold approach: eating healthily, practicing a consistent exercise program and consuming high-quality nutritional supplements.
For Pete's sake, one should not settle for 50+! After all, are we not designed to last at least 120 years? Come on, think about it!
Here is a situation you would not want to get into and avoid at all costs!
This season's article -  Nutritional medicine (Dr. Ray D. Strand, M.D.). Want to read more?
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Brainteaser: If you think Health is expensive, try Illness!
Life is spurred by dreams: Dream as if you will live forever; live conscientiously as if you will die today! - James Dean
Famous Chinese proverb: When you are young, you spend all of your time looking for money; when you are old, you spend all of your money looking for health! (But more often than not - Riches cannot buy health!)

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